Spyro S2 Promo.JPG
Species Purple Dragon
Gender Male
Element Magic
Role Skylander
World Skylands
Appearances Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Skylanders: Universe
Skylanders: Cloud Patrol
Skylanders: The Machine of Doom
Skylanders: Giants
Skylanders: Spyro versus The Mega Monsters
Skylanders: Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master
Skylanders: Swap Force
Abilities Fire Breath
Horn Charge
Dragon Flight
Triple Shot
Fire Shield
Voice Artist Josh Keaton
Catchphrase All Fired Up!


[edit] Backstory

[edit] Reboot From Legend of Spyro Series

The end of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon was loosely used for how Spyro was introduced to Eon. According to his backstory, Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx the Dragonfly were leaving the Dragon Realms in search of a new place to live in peace. It is said they landed on Skylands where Eon had heard of the magical purple dragon and his friends, and immediately made them Skylanders, stating Spyro was to be their leader.

[edit] Promotional Backstory

Spyro hails from a rare line of magical purple dragons that come from a faraway land few have ever traveled. It's been said that the Scrolls of the Ancients mention Spyro prominently -- the old Portal Masters having chronicled his many exciting adventures and heroic deeds. Finally, it was Master Eon himself who reached out and invited him to join the Skylanders. Now calling Skylands his home, Spyro remains one of its most valued protectors, with evil facing a new enemy -- and the Skylanders gaining a valued ally.

[edit] Dark Spyro

Once, when the Darkness tried to corrupt the Core of Light, Spyro was nearly corrupted with it. It was only by Eon's help that the young dragon did not suffer this terrible fate. Later on, Eon taught Spyro how to control this dark magic, and once he was able to, he could harness and use the dark magic to the Skylanders' advantage. He would become a black and silver dragon known as Dark Spyro.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Cynder

At the end of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, Cynder tells Spyro she loves him right before credits play and Ignitus talks about where they went next. Throughout the original Legend of Spyro series, Cynder and Spyro were shown to grow closer and closer to each other. However, it is currently unknown whether the two Skylanders are in a relationship or not.

Cynder, however, has two in-game quotes that may be related to Spyro:

  • "All Charged Up!"

This could be an adaptation of Spyro's catchphrase, "All Fired Up!", or it could be a reference to her powers over electricity. Other SKylanders have the same/similar battle cries to one another, so this one is likely only a reference to her abilities, but to fans, it is a possible reference to a maybe relationship with Spyro.

  • "Born to Scorch!"

In The Legend of Spyro: The Beginning, Cynder could shoot fire. This could be a reference to that, or it could be a reference to Spyro. This one seems to be more of a reference to Spyro because it directly relates to fire. However, when lightning strikes, it "scorches" or "burns" the thing it strikes. It may also be a reference to her Lightning Breath abilities.

[edit] Sparx The Dragonfly

As shown in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, Sparx is Spyro's non-biological brother, and the two are inseparable throughout the entire journey, although Sparx becomes less of a main character and more of a supporting character. In the Skylanders series, Sparx the Dragonfly is a Magic Item that, when placed on the Portal of Power, will help the player for 60 seconds before timing out.

[edit] Abilities

[edit] Statistics

'* Statistics are placed by lowest possible stat to highest possible stat

  • Hit Points: 280-560
  • Speed: 50-98
  • Armor: 18-48
  • Critical Hit: 30-80
  • Elemental Power: 25-75

[edit] Upgrades

[edit] Basic Upgrades

These are the first upgrades for Spyro that he comes with:

  • Dragon's Fire: Spyro can shoot a fireball from his mouth.
  • Charge: Spyro charges at enemies with his golden horns flaming.

[edit] Standard Upgrades

  • Long Range Raze: Spyro's lung capacity is increased, meaning his fireballs can travel over a longer distance.
  • Spyro's Flight: Spyro hovers over the ground and moves faster than before. Increased speed and armor while flying. Can fly over water.
  • Sprint Charge: Spyro can charge a longer distance (possibly a result from working out).
  • Triple Flameballs: Spyro shoots three fireballs instead of one.

[edit] Sheep Burner

  • Fire Shield: Spyro generates a fire shield around himself whenever he uses his Fireball attack.
  • Exploding Fireblast: The center fireball explodes on contact and hits multiple enemies.
  • The Daybringer Flame: Hold the primary attack button (the one you use to shoot fireballs) until Spyro generates enough energy to release the Daybringer Flame, a fireball so big it is said to ignite the sky itself.

[edit] Blitz Dragon

  • Stun Charge: Enemies who feel the fury of Spyro's flaming horns become temporarily paralyzed.
  • Comet Dash: A magic aura surrounds Spyro's blazing horns, and they become much more lethal.
  • Ibex's Wrath Charge: Spyro charges with such intense speed that the very air around him ignites, causing huge Ibex horns to charge along with his own.

[edit] Soulgem

  • Spyro's Earth Pound: While flying, press the secondary attack button to smash Spyro's head into the ground, heavily damaging any nearby enemies (while giving Spyro a bit of a headache in the process).

[edit] Wow-Pow

  • Fireslam!: While flying, press the secondary attack button as if you were going to use Spyro's Earth Pound, but you will shoot three fireballs and perform a FLAMING Earth Pound.

[edit] Quotes

[edit] In-game Quotes

  • "To defend all!"
  • "Don't dare the dragon!"
  • "It's showtime!"
  • "Defend one and all!"
  • "Adventure calls!"
  • "For Skylands!"
  • "All Fired Up!" -- Main catchphrase
  • "Never back down!"
  • "Can't handle the horns!"
  • "Born to battle!"
  • "Oh Yeah!"
  • "Mess with the dragon, you get the horns!"
  • "This dragon can't be beat!"
  • "Never had a doubt!"
  • "Up high!" - when using a Bounce Pad
  • "That's what I'm talkin' about!"
  • "I knew I could do it!"
  • "Let's do this!"
  • "Making Skylands proud!" - when looking at Spyro's statistical screen
  • "Getting stronger!" - when looking at Spyro's statistical screen
  • "Er, are my horns sticking out?" - when putting on a hat
  • "I'm gonna look good!" - when putting on a Hat
  • "A new name? Sweet!" when given a nickname
  • "Alright, change is good!" when given a nickname
  • "Heh, every bit helps." - when opening a treasure chest
  • "Yeah, I'm All Fired Up!" - when using Soulgem power.
  • "Sweeeeet!"
  • "You want some of this?" - when using Wow Pow/Soulgem power.

[edit] Commercial Quotes

  • "It's Kaos..." -- Skylanders trailer "The Beginning"
  • "Game on!" --Skylanders trailer "The Beginning (Director's Cut)"
  • "So why don't we teach big head, a little lesson?" --Skylanders trailer "The Beginning"

[edit] Trivia

  • Spyro's center flame, in console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, may not work right on a downward-facing hill. He shares this glitch with Zap, Cynder, and other Skylanders whose primary attack shoots straight forward.
  • Spyro's battle cry, "Mess with the dragon, get the horns!" Is based off the saying "Mess with the bull, get the horns!"
  • Spyro's feet disappear below the ground on rising elevations. He shares this with all other dragon Skylanders.
  • Spyro the Dragon was the main character in the Spyro gaming series that started off on the PlayStation 1. He has appeared in seventeen total games excluding the Skylanders series.
  • At the end of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, Cynder whispers to Spyro "I love you," and then credits will play. Once in Skylands, it is unknown whether she and Spyro have a serious relationship or not.
  • Spyro considers Sparx the Dragonfly to be his brother, even though they are not biologically related. This is shown in Spyro's previous game, The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning.

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