Species Orc
Gender Male
Element Magic
Role Skylander (Protagonist)
Home Skylands
Appearances Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Skylanders: Universe
Skylanders: Cloud Patrol
Skylanders: Giants
Skylanders: Swap Force
Abilities Axe Raver
Zipline Axe
Magical Tripwire
Extended Blade
Electro Axe
Catchphrase Ax First, Questions Later!


[edit] Backstory

[edit] Promotional Backstory

Voodood was a brave warrior among his people. During his rite of passage as a young orc, he entered the Cave of Trials to prove his worth. It was there he found much more than expected. Lured by a brilliant light, Voodood discovered the skeleton of an enormous dragon with an ornate axe buried where the heart would have been. The village was astonished when he exited the cave holding the legendary Axe Reaver and wearing the dragon skull on his head. Voodood quickly became warrior leader and defended his homeland from many beasts and invaders... until he was the last of his tribe. Soon after, he joined the Skylanders.

[edit] Abilities

[edit] Statistics

'* Statistics are placed by lowest possible stat to highest possible stat

  • Hit Points: 290-580
  • Speed: 35-83
  • Armor: 12-42
  • Critical Hit: 30-80
  • Elemental Power: 25-100

[edit] Upgrades

[edit] Basic Upgrades

These are the first upgrades for Wrecking Ball that he comes with:

  • Axe Reaver: Voodood swings his magnificent axe.
  • Zipline Axe: Voodood throws his blade, but doesn't let go. It reels him in.

[edit] Standard Upgrades

  • Magical Tripwire Bomb: Voodood summons a tripwire that collapses on enemies.
  • Weighted Axe: Voodood's axe is a lot heavier now, so it does a lot more damage.
  • Tripewire Reserves: Voodood can summon two tripwires now.
  • Extended Blade: Voodood's Zipline Axe is faster.

[edit] Elementalist

  • Roadblock Tripwire: Tripwires are larger and last longer.
  • Electric Feedback: When hit by an enemy, magical energy radiates from Voodood, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Electro Axe: Voodood's axe becomes electrified when it strikes.

[edit] Marauder

  • Shaman Style: Voodood can now spin and swing his axe in a deadly combo attack.
  • Legendary Blade: Voodood's axe does increased damage.
  • Hyperwire: Voodood's Zipline Axe is faster and does more damage than before.

[edit] Soulgem Attack

  • Impervious Tripwire: Voodood's tripwires deflect projectiles.

[edit] Wow Pow

Voodood, due to not having appeared in Skylanders: Giants, does not have a Wow-Pow upgrade. He is, however, expected to return in Skylanders: Swap Force with a new ability.

[edit] Quotes

[edit] In-game Quotes

  • "Axe First, Questions Later!"
  • "Voodood strong with spirit!"
  • "Voodood great!"
  • "Big axe, bigger victory!"
  • "Voodood has great strength, axe too!"
  • "Axe can handle any challenge!"
  • "Whoa!" - When using bounce pad
  • "Useful ingredients" - When opening a treasure chest
  • "Path revealed!" - When opening a gate
  • "Wall can no stop Voodood!" - When opening a gate
  • "See Voodood's many gifts!" - When checking statistical screen
  • "Stats show great strength!" - When checking statistical screen
  • "We look good for ceremony!" - When putting on a hat
  • "This hat has special magic!" - When putting on a hat
  • "Voodood accept name." - When given a nickname
  • "Big name, big responsibility!" - When given a nickname

[edit] Trivia

  • Voodood speaks in third person.
  • Orcs are almost always depicted as evil creatures. Voodood is one of the few that are portrayed as good characters.
  • Like Zap, on his toy form, his eyes are orange, but in game, his eyes are yellow.
  • In the Wii version of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, there's a glitch that allows Voodood to walk on the Core of Light if his Zipline Axe is used at the right time.
  • Voodood was originally set to be an Undead Element. This was changed for unknown reasons.
  • Voodood's Soul Gem trailer in Giants seems to be zoomed in due to its slightly low quality and his name not fully shown on camera.
  • Voodood is one of the eight Skylanders that did not make it to Giants as a Series 2 figure. The other seven are Sunburn, Wham-Shell, Dino-Rang, Warnado, Boomer, Ghost Roaster, and Camo.
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