Species Dragon-Phoenix hybrid
Gender Male
Element Fire
Role Skylander (Protagonist)
Home Skylands
Appearances Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Skylanders: Universe
Skylanders: Cloud Patrol
Skylanders: Giants
Skylanders: Swap Force
Abilities Flamethrower Breath
Immolation Teleport
Phoenix Dash
Infinite Flame
Flight of the Phoenix
Catchphrase Roast-N-Toast!


[edit] Backstory

[edit] Promotional Backstory

Born in the center of an active volcano, Sunburn is part dragon, part phoenix, and 100% fire power. He is very proud of his unique heritage, and is the only dragon and phoenix hybrid known to exist in Skylands. This rare combination makes him a desirable target for dark wizards and bounty hunters who seek to gain power by unlocking the secrets behind Sunburn’s ability to teleport. Joining the Skylanders gave Sunburn a way to help defend the world from evil, but also provided him with protection, as he remains one of the most sought after creatures in Skylands.

[edit] Relationships

Sunburn has no known relationships with anyone in particular.

[edit] Abilities

[edit] Statistics

'* Statistics are placed by lowest possible stat to highest possible stat

  • Hit Points: 280-560
  • Speed: 43-91
  • Armor: 24-54
  • Critical Hit: 30-80
  • Elemental Power: 25-100

[edit] Upgrades

[edit] Basic Upgrades

These are the first upgrades for Sunburn that he comes with:

  • Flamethrower Breath: Sunburn releases an extremely hot flamethrower from his mouth.
  • Immolation Teleport: Sunburn teleports away, leaving a flame in his wake.

[edit] Standard Upgrades

  • Guided Teleportation: Sunburn can now control where he teleports to.
  • Blazethrower: Sunburn's Flamethrower Breath does increased damage.
  • Phoenix Dash: Sunburn dashes form, coated in flames.
  • Immolation Inflammation: Sunburn's flames left behind after teleporting do increased damage.

[edit] Blaze Dragon

  • Infinite Flame: Sunburn can use his Flamethrower Breath as long as he wants.
  • Intense Heat: Hold the Flamethrower Breath longer for hotter flames, which cause more damage.
  • Phoenix Grand Blaze: If the Flamethrower Breath is held long enough, Sunburn himself will ignite in a flaming blaze.

[edit] Flame Lord

  • Immolation Destruction: The flames Sunburn leaves behind after teleporting do increased damage due to increased size.
  • Flame Streaks: When teleporting, streaks of flame ignite between the flames left behind.
  • Burning Trail: Streaks of flame do increased damage.

[edit] Soulgem

  • Flight of the Phoenix: Sunburn's Phoenix Dash is ultimately powerful.

[edit] Wow-Pow

  • Sunburn does not possess a known Wow-Pow ability, however, in Skylanders: Swap Force, it is likely he will be given a new figure and power.

[edit] Quotes

[edit] In-game Quotes

  • "Rise and shine!"
  • "Roast-N-Toast!" - Official battle cry
  • "I'll take it all!" - opening a treasure chest in Giants
  • "More treasure!"
  • "You got burned!"
  • "Roasted!"
  • "Shining Through!"
  • "Feel the flame!"
  • "Whoa!" -- When using a bounce pad
  • "No problem."
  • "Gettin' stronger." - on statistical screen.
  • "Lookin' good."

[edit] Commercial Quotes

Sunburn has never had a speaking role in commercials. However, he did appear briefly in the beginning, flying above Gill Grunt and Spyro, in The Beginning trailer.

[edit] Trivia

  • He and Flashwing are the only winged Skylanders who can't fly. However, in their promotional trailers, both are seen flying.
  • In his earlier design, Sunburn was more reptilian than his current bird-like design.
  • He is one of the eight Skylanders who were not chosen to be a Series 2 Skylander, the other seven being Wham-Shell, Voodood, Boomer, Camo, Ghost Roaster, Dino-Rang, and Warnado.
  • When Sunburn teleports, if you look closely just as he's vanishing, you can see him appear to "shrivel" into ashes. In folklore, phoenixes are said to burst into flames and burn when they die, and then be reborn from the ashes.
  • He is the only Skylander to have a place named after him. In Dragon's Peak, he has a place called Sunburn's Rest, where his Soulgem is also located.
  • He shares two battle cries with Flashwing: "Shining Through!" and "Whoa!"
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