Skylanders: Giants

Skylanders: Giants
Developers Toys for Bob
Wii U Vicarious Visions
Publisher Activision
Release Dates NAOctober 21, 2012
EUOctober 19, 2012
AUOctober 17, 2012
Genre Platform
Platforms Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U
Xbox 360
Playstation 3


[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Story Plot

The game's plot, once again, focuses around defeating the evil Portal Master Kaos, who has returned to Skylands by travelling on a Portal of Power on Earth back to Skylands. He hears of the tales of the Arkeyans from an Arkeyan Conquertron he incidentally awakens when he lands on Skylands, of which Ermit observes.

The Conquertron tells Kaos about the Iron Fist of Arkus, and Kaos realizes that if he can take control of the Fist, he could have power over all of Skylands without depleting it of all its magic.

Eon tells Hugo that something evil is stirring, and Hugo tells Cali and Flynn that "Skylanders and GIANTS are coming to help!" Initially, Flynn is blown away, as Giants have not been seen for 10,000 years, but he gets on his ship and starts to fix it anyway (this is the second chapter of the story).

After repairing the ship, the Skylander must then find Ermit, the hermit who saw how Kaos awoke the Arkeyan Conquertron. After that, the ship will need to be repaired several more times, and once, the ship is attacked by pirates. But the main goal is to get to the Secret Arkeyan Vault of Secrets.

Once there, the Skylander and Machine Ghost will travel through the canyon up until they reach the Vault. Machine Ghost's body is an Arkeyan Conquertron that Ermit left in a snowy place, but the Skylander found, along with Machine Ghost. Once there at the Vault, Kaos appears in his Conquertron and punches the mountain above the Vault, the rocks falling down towards the Skylander. Machine Ghost will throw himself in the way, guarding the Skylander, but severely injuring himself.

After that, he'll tell the Skylander he heard several things of what Kaos said, and congratulates the Skylander on almost defeating Kaos, implying that Machine Ghost thought the war was lost already. He then dies. Technically, he only died because the Conquertron (Which is Machine Ghost's actual body) was heavily damaged.

The next major part of the story line will be some minor repairs to the ship, then stopping Kaos' drilling machine (Drill-X), and then finding the Lost City of Arkus. They initially follow Kaos, and the Skylander will have to fight their way through the lost city, and then fight Kaos in a boss battle at the end of the game.

[edit] Characters

Each Skylander, when placed on the Portal of Power, will say their catchphrase now. No Skylanders have a gibberish language any longer (Sonic Boom's is Full Scream Ahead, Drobot's is Blink and Destroy, etc.).

There are 48 new Core Skylanders figures in Skylanders: Giants including LightCores, and 40 not including LightCores. Same as before, all new characters have a backstory and their own Element.

[edit] Levels

In Skylanders: Giants, there are 16 levels, and 20 including the Darklight Crypt, Dragon's Peak, Pirate Seas, and Empire of Ice.

These levels are about 12-25 minutes long, slightly longer than Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Yet again, the game is still a platformer/dungeon crawler, meaning there are also still many puzzles for the player to do.

[edit] Heroic Challenges

In Skylanders: Giants, a new feature had been added. You could buy items from Auric--you can also buy certain Heroic Challenges from him as well.

Excluding the ones Auric sells, there are 40 total Heroic Challenges.

[edit] Figures

[edit] Regular Figures

There are a total of 48 new figures in Skylanders: Giants, and below is a list of them all:

  • Ninjini (Giant)
  • LightCore Pop Fizz
  • Pop Fizz
  • Wrecking Ball (S2)
  • Spyro (S2)
  • Double Trouble (S2)
  • Bouncer (Giant)
  • LightCore Drobot
  • Sprocket
  • Drobot (S2)
  • Drill Sergeant (S2)
  • Trigger Happy (S2)
  • Hot Head (Giant)
  • LightCore Eruptor
  • Hot Dog
  • Eruptor (S2)
  • Flameslinger (S2)
  • Ignitor (S2)
  • Thumpback (Giant)
  • LightCore/Legendary LightCore Chill
  • Chill
  • Zap (S2)
  • Slam-Bam (S2)
  • Gill Grunt (S2)
  • Tree Rex (Giant--Starter Pack only)
  • LightCore Shroomboom
  • Shroomboom
  • Stealth Elf (S2)
  • Stump Smash (S2)
  • Zook (S2)
  • Eye-Brawl (Giant)
  • LightCore Hex
  • Fright Rider
  • Hex (S2)
  • Cynder (S2)
  • Chop Chop (S2)
  • Swarm (Giant)
  • LightCore Jet-Vac
  • Jet-Vac (Starter Pack only)
  • Sonic Boom (S2)
  • Whirlwind (S2)
  • Lightning Rod (S2)
  • Crusher
  • LightCore Prism Break
  • Flashwing
  • Prism Break (S2)
  • Terrafin (S2)
  • Bash (S2)

[edit] Chase Figures

Just like in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, in Giants, characters were given chase figures. Below is a list of all Giants chase figures:

  • Blizzard Jet-Vac (unreleased--mistake figure)
  • Employee Edition Prism Break (Given out to all Activision employees in Christmas of 2012)
  • Glitter Hot Head (Randomy inserted into the character's packages)
  • Glitter Sprocket (Randomly inserted into the character's packages)
  • Glitter Sonic Boom (Randomly inserted into the character's packages)
  • Glow In The Dark Cynder (Starter Pack exclusive)
  • Glow In The Dark Fright Rider (UK/Ireland exclusive)
  • Glow In The Dark Sonic Boom (Wal-Mart exclusive)
  • Gnarly Tree Rex (PS3 Starter Pack bundle exclusive)
  • Golden Flameslinger ( exclusive)
  • Granite Crusher ( exclusive)
  • Jade Flashwing (Target exclusive)
  • Legendary Bouncer (Toys R Us exclusive)
  • Legendary/Legendary LightCore Chill (Toys R Us exclusive)
  • Legendary Ignitor (Toys R Us exclusive)
  • Legendary Jet-Vac (Toys R Us exclusive)
  • Legendary Slam-Bam (Toys R Us exclusive)
  • LightCore Chill (sold at all stores)
  • LightCore Eruptor (sold at all stores)
  • LightCore Jet-Vac (sold at all stores)
  • LightCore Prism Break (sold at all stores)
  • LightCore Shroomboom (sold at all stores)
  • LightCore Hex (Swap Force Starter pack exclusive)
  • LightCore Pop Fizz (sold at all stores)
  • LightCore Drobot (sold at all stores)
  • Metallic Blue Chop (Toy Fair exclusive)
  • Metallic/Color Shift Hot Dog (Toy fair exclusive)
  • Molten Hot Dog (Wal-Mart exclusive)
  • Polar Whirlwind (Gamestop exclusive)
  • Golden Dragonfire Cannon (Gamestop exclusive)
  • Punch Pop Fizz (3DS Starter pack exclusive)
  • Royal Double Trouble (Battlegrounds exclusive)
  • Scarlet Ninjini (unreleased in the US--unknown exclusive, expected to be Gamestop exclusive)
  • Sidekick Barkley (Frito Lay/Activision promotion at 2012 Toy Fair)
  • Sidekick Thumpling (Frito Lay/Activision promotion at 2012 Toy Fair)
  • Sidekick Mini Jini (Frito Lay/Activision promotion at 2012 Toy Fair)
  • Sidekick Eye-Small (Frito Lay/Activision promotion at 2012 Toy Fair)
  • Stone Whirlwind (Randomly inserted into the character's packaging)
  • Stone Zook (Randomly inserted into the character's packaging)
  • White Flocked Eruptor (Randomly inserted into the character's packaging)
  • White Flocked Stump Smash (Randomly inserted into the character's packaging)
  • White Flocked Prism Break (Randomly inserted into the character's packaging)

[edit] In-Game Differences

Unlike its predecessor, in Skylanders: Giants, many figures appear different in the game.

Five Skylanders who appear different in-game.

All Legendary Skylanders also appear different in-game.

[edit] Multiplayer

In Giants, a new feature was added--a battling arena. Skylanders can battle, capture items, etc. Now, Skylanders has a co-operative multiplayer mode as well as a competitive multiplayer mode. The game is still criticized for not utilizing Xbox Live or other online services among gaming devices.

[edit] Platforms

[edit] 3DS

The 3DS version of the game was different from the platforms' versions.

[edit] Xbox 360

The Xbox 360's version is the same as the PS3's and the Wii's. It is the most commonly purchased starter pack, the PS3 coming in second.

[edit] PlayStation 3

The PS3's starter pack was the second best selling, most likely due to its similarity to the Xbox 360 console. Its bundle with Gnarly Tree Rex was a best-selling bundle as well.

[edit] Wii

Same as the Xbox 360's and PlayStation 3's.

[edit] PC

Spyro's Universe was kept, and is now receptive to all new Skylanders.

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